Duration 4 Hours

Physicality: Lazy


Walking Tour

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You will be with us tonight to explore night life in Istanbul. You will be with locals and see and experience Turkish Social life fist hand. You will not need breakfast next day. 

  1. Istanbul is 24 Hours living city and night life is rich. We will take a sneak peak to Meyhane (Tavern) Night. You will listen the music you have never heard, taste and drink unknown to you. 
  2. Nevizade 
  3. Istiklal Avenue
  4. Taksim Square

Istanbul is 24 hours living city. Cobbled streets, chaotic traffic are all there. We are going to see Istanbul at night like locals with locals.

We will meet at Karakoy and walk up to Tunnel. There we will check up on street vendors for our appetite. Then we will be visiting back streets of Beyoglu and visit Meyhane (Turkish Tavern). We will taste all kind of mezes with traditional Turkish Raki. There will be live music performed by local musicians you will be able to see instruments such as Darbuka and Law. We will learn ways to drink raki. There won’t be any tourist around. While walking on Istiklal Street we will stop by mussel street vendors if anybody still have space in their stomach. Our tour concludes at Taksim Square. You will not need breakfast for your next day.

  • Professional English speaking tour guide approved by Ministry of Culture & Tourism. 
  • Dinner at Meyhane
  • Food on the walk
  • Tips / gratuities for your local guide, restaurant staff 
  • This is a walking tour. We will not hire a private vehicle on this day. Rather we will use local transportation such as historical where necessary. In many cases we saw that local transportation is faster than usual Istanbul traffic. 
  • You can customize your plan. Simply contact us for tailor making your plan. 
  • We can provide tour guides other than English speaking tour guides. They may introduce slight increase on the price. Please ask for further info. 
  • No Dress Code.
  • This tour is not recommended free Gluten Free and Vegetarian diets. 
  • Alcohol will be consumed on this tour.